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ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie

£79.95 £99.95
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ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie

£79.95 £99.95
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ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie

ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie - Your Ultimate Fast Team Communication Solution

Introducing the ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie - your ultimate fast team communication solution. With its advanced features and seamless functionality, staying connected with your team has never been easier.

Whether you're coordinating a group event, managing a construction site, or simply enjoying outdoor adventures, the ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie ensures efficient communication, no matter the distance. Take charge of your communication needs and elevate your team's performance with this innovative walkie talkie.


  1. Lightweight and Portable: At 43% lighter than the previous generation, the ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie features a built-in back clip for effortless one-handed handling, making it perfect for any on-the-go activity. (Keywords: Lightweight, Portable, One-handed, Back Clip)
  2. Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a high-capacity 2190mAh polymer lithium battery, this walkie talkie ensures extended usage time. Convenient micro-USB charging design allows quick and easy recharging. (Keywords: Long-lasting, 2190mAh Battery, Micro-USB Charging)
  3. Versatile Connectivity: Not only does the ProComm-X support 3.5mm earphones, but it also features a dual-mode Bluetooth chip, enabling seamless connection to Bluetooth headsets for hands-free communication. (Keywords: Versatile Connectivity, Bluetooth Headset, Dual-Mode Bluetooth Chip)
  4. Crystal Clear Audio: Enjoy clear and crisp communication with the high-performance speaker of the ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie, ensuring every message gets through loud and clear. (Keywords: Clear Audio, High-performance Speaker)
  5. Powerful Transmission: With a maximum power of 3W, this walkie talkie boasts an impressive call distance of 1-5 kilometers, making it suitable for both short and long-range communication needs. (Keywords: Powerful Transmission, 3W Power, 1-5 km Range)
  6. Location Sharing Made Easy: Stay connected even without internet access - share your location with friends through the dedicated app for easy coordination. (Keywords: Location Sharing, No Internet, Coordination)
  7. Built-in FM Radio: Double-click the function key to activate the FM radio feature, supporting frequencies from 87-108MHz, allowing you to stay entertained while on the go. (Keywords: Built-in FM Radio, 87-108MHz)

The ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie redefines team communication with its advanced features and exceptional performance. Designed by Xiaomi, a trusted brand known for innovation and quality, this walkie talkie model "1S" comes in Blue or White color options to suit your style and preference.

With a transmitting power of 0.5W in the public band and an impressive 3W in the amateur U band, the ProComm-X ensures reliable communication even in challenging environments. The walkie talkie's power supply comes from a high-capacity 2190mAh polymer lithium battery, offering a remarkable battery life of up to 16 hours on a single charge. Recharging is a breeze, taking approximately 3 hours with the included charging cable and adapter.

The ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie operates on a dual-mode Bluetooth4.2, enabling seamless connectivity to both 3.5mm earphones and Bluetooth headsets. The audio rated power of 500mW guarantees clear and crisp communication, ensuring every message comes through without interference.

Navigating through the walkie talkie's functions is made simple with the LED lattice screen. This intelligent display provides a clear overview of the current settings and makes adjustments a breeze.

With its extensive frequency bands, the ProComm-X offers versatile communication options. Choose from the public channel (L01-L20) operating on 409MHz-410MHz, the remote channel (H01-H20) operating on 430MHz-440MHz, or create your custom channel (C01-C20) within the same 430MHz-440MHz range.

One remarkable feature of the ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie is its location-sharing capability through a dedicated app. Stay connected with your team, even without internet access, and coordinate efficiently during outdoor activities, travel, or emergencies.

Additionally, the walkie talkie boasts an FM radio feature, activated by double-clicking the function key. Tune in to frequencies from 87MHz to 108MHz and stay entertained while on the move.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a construction professional, or part of an event management team, the ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie offers a reliable and efficient communication solution, enhancing productivity and safety.

Package Included:

  1. 1 × ProComm-X Smart Walkie Talkie (Model: 1S)
  2. 1 × Adapter
  3. 1 × Charging Cable
  4. 1 × User Manual

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