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NV8000 NightEye360 Pro: 3D Night Vision Goggles

£299.95 £500.00
local_offer Save 40%
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NV8000 NightEye360 Pro: 3D Night Vision Goggles

£299.95 £500.00
local_offer Save 40%
Unit price  per 

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NV8000 NightEye360 Pro: 3D Night Vision Goggles

NightEye360 Pro: 3D Night Vision Goggles

Experience the future of night vision with our NightEye360 Pro: 3D Night Vision Goggles! Whether you're a tactical enthusiast, a wildlife explorer, or a night-time adventurer, these goggles will redefine the way you see the world after dark.

See in Stunning 3D Our patented autostereoscopic 3D display technology mimics the way the human eye perceives depth, transforming the standard 2D view into a mesmerizing 3D vision. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless images, and immerse yourself in a world of depth and detail.

Dual 1.4" Displays Choose between two 1.4-inch displays, both equipped with 3D functionality and seven brightness levels. Enjoy crisp and vivid images in any lighting condition. Plus, switch effortlessly between single and dual display modes to adapt to your environment.

Powerful Infrared Illumination With a built-in 3W 850nm IR LED light, the NightEye360 Pro lets you see clearly up to 300 meters away in total darkness. Adjust the infrared intensity with seven power levels to suit your needs, from tactical missions to wildlife observation.

Customizable Eyepieces Our goggles feature fully independent dual-screen binocular technology. Adjust the visual compensation of your left and right eyes independently, with a refractive adjustment range of +/-3. Whether you're nearsighted or farsighted, these goggles adapt to your eyesight perfectly.

Compact and Lightweight Designed for portability and comfort, the NightEye360 Pro is small and lightweight, making it ideal for extended use. Wear it on your head with ease, and explore the night without feeling weighed down.

Exceptional Range Observe distant objects with clarity at an astounding 250-300 meters in total darkness. You can also switch to weak light observation mode for objects as close as 1 meter, making it perfect for any scenario.

Long-lasting Power Equipped with a high-capacity 3000mAh lithium battery, our goggles ensure extended usage, so you won't miss any crucial moments in the dark.

Four Color Effects Choose from four different color effects: Color, Black and white, Moonlight Green, and Film negative (negative), allowing you to tailor your night vision experience to your preference.

IP54 Waterproof Don't let rain or damp conditions stop you. The NightEye360 Pro is IP54 waterproof, ensuring it can handle various weather conditions without missing a beat.

Get ready to discover a new dimension of night vision with the NightEye360 Pro. Whether you're on a mission, capturing wildlife, or exploring the unknown, these goggles will be your indispensable companion in the world of the night. Elevate your night vision game today!

Application scenarios: tactics, reconnaissance, hunting, security and surveillance, camping fun, cave exploration, nocturnal fish and boating, wildlife observation and photography, etc. 

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